Rachel Windsor Knott
Rachel Windsor Knott

Rachel Windsor Knott Dip. IAZ
Animal Therapist – The Natural Choice.

  • Full Practitioner in Applied Zoopharmacognosy
  • Canine Communication Coach
  • Qualified Dog Behaviour Therapist

Hello, I’m Rachel Windsor-Knott, a Practitioner in Applied Zoopharmacognosy, and a qualified Dog Behaviour Therapist. I’m based near Witney, Oxfordshire.

My goal?

For the beautiful process of animal self-medication, which is known as Applied Zoopharmacognosy, to become a natural part of sharing your life with an animal.

As everyday as feeding, exercise, veterinary care and TLC.


For the sheer joy of helping your animal towards the best possible version of him or herself. Healthy, happy and radiant.

And helping you and your animal towards a really great relationship together.