About Rachel

Hello, I’m Rachel Windsor-Knott. I am an Animal Wellness Facilitator, specialising in Botanical Self-Healing for Animals, Reiki healing and a qualified Dog Behaviour Therapist.  I’m based in the Cotswolds, Oxfordshire.

My goal?

To transform the emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing of the animals we share our lives with.

And to facilitate a more authentic and effortless connection with our animal friends.

How can this happen?

By doing what I do best:

  • Empowering you and your animal with knowledge, tools and resources
  • Sharing with you my experiences of the positive changes in animals I’ve worked with
  • Inspiring you about this amazing process

With tremendous pleasure

In a magical journey over the last eighteen years, I have learned in so many ways.

Formal training, working through my own animal’s physical problems and behavioural challenges, working on myself via different teachers, healers and therapists and working with rescue animals.  But, more than anything, through the joyous practice of Botanical Self-Healing.

I am so blessed by all the wonderful creatures and people I have worked with.  I look forward to sharing some of this with you and your animal.

Qualifications and experience

  • Aromagnosis Teacher Training, Taos, NM September 2018 (Cathy Skipper & Florian Birkmayer MD)
  • Applied Aromagnosis: Aroma, Trauma and Addiction (ITHMA) Florian Berkmayer MD and Cathy Skipper (March 2018)
  • Reiki Master (Sue Gessey Healing Academy 2017)
  • 2 day workshop on Five Elements and Aromatherapy with Alan Howell (2017)
  • ‘Science of essential oils’ Penny Price Academy 2017
  • Qualified Practitioner in Applied Zoopharmacognosy (Equines, canines and felines 2014) Ingraham Academy
  • Qualified Dog Behaviour Therapist (IDBTS Sheila Harper 2011)
  • Public Speaker
  • Running my own dog boarding and cat care business (2006 to 2014)
  • Behaviour Assessor at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home (2001-2005)

Start your animal’s self-healing

To give your animal the incredible gift of supporting his or her self-healing, just get in touch to book a home consultation with Rachel.

Or, visit our shop for the joy of receiving remedies by post and discovering them with your animal.

Sophie’s Legacy

7 years ago, I said good-bye to my beautiful Sophie.

The 3-legged Weimeraner I adopted from Battersea Dogs Home.

She was a strong, kind, smart and gentle matriarch that I fell deeply in love with and would have done anything for.

But, I felt at a loss and powerless to help her at times as I knew, despite being on pain meds from the vet, she was uncomfortable.  She used to eat candles and coal yet I didn’t recognise that she was trying to heal herself.

In 2009, she collapsed and couldn’t lift herself up. She had become weaker very quickly and this was the last straw.  We made the very difficult decision to put her to sleep as we knew of no other way to help.

That day before the vet came around, our 2 dogs lay with Sophie peacefully all day as they knew what was going to happen.  It was the hardest day of my life but also a massive turning point.

Sophie is the reason and the driving force behind my passion for giving animals a voice and the opportunity to speak up about their needs.

Her light continues to shine brightly and inspire and guide me wherever I go.

My animal family

Introducing the gang who are crucial in quality control of the products:

Bridget is a Bassett cross Cavalier Spaniel.  She’s extremely smart, curious and doesn’t seem to be slowing down much despite being 13 years young.  She loves sitting on your lap, keeping Henry cat in line, and anything to do with food. Bridget has a brilliant nose and loves playing ‘find it’ games.

MAM 038

Lara is our blonde diva Golden Retriever.  She came to us when her elderly guardian died suddenly and very quickly had to get used to being part of a small furry family.  She loves to lie in the garden, swim in lakes and chase rabbits. Lara can have her diva demanding moments having been an ‘only’ dog but she is now learning the joys of sharing.

MAM 045

Baxter is our Weimaraner who came to us from the Dogs Trust at 18 months.  He had three homes before us and suffered with chronic allergies and anxiety.  He is the king of self-medication and is now a calm, much healthier wonderdog.  He is a gentleman.  He has a brilliant sense of humour, loves his walks, but also is a real sofa snuggler.

MAM 010

Henry is our big ginger teenager who thinks he’s a dog. He even comes on walks sometimes!  Having grown up in a house of dogs, Henry is pretty smart at knowing what he can and can’t get away with.  He loves to hang out with the dogs outside or lay peacefully on his indoor herb garden, soaking up the sun.

MAM 053