Botanical Self-Healing for Animals

Why use Botanical Self-Healing for your animal?

Participating in this fabulous process gives your dog, horse, cat or other companion animal a voice.  He or she finally gets to have their say about their own well-being and health.

This opportunity for self-healing can create tremendous improvements in his or her wellness.  Helping your animal become the very best version of him or herself.

And it can be powerful in bringing you and your animal closer together.

Giving your animal precisely what he or she needs to flourish

Have you ever seen your dog or cat eating grass?  This is a very simple example of self-medication.

Every animal has an innate ability to self-medicate on the medicinal compounds within plants.

The wisdom of your animal’s wild cousins

Animals do this in the wild for survival.  They have been sorting themselves out since the dawn of time.  Domesticated animals have not forgotten this instinctual ability.

Your companion animal has less freedom than its wild cousins to roam and seek out the remedies they need, so they may not have had access to the specific plant remedies they need.

Our companion animals have to live with our choices.  Sometimes this can lead to health or behavioural problems.

Tested by animals

How does my animal know what he or she needs?

In a nutshell, when your animal’s olfactory system – their very sophisticated sense of smell – detects a compound that he or she needs to heal itself, they are innately driven to select it.

When a compound is not needed, your animal will not select it.

These are not conscious decisions.  Messages received from neurotransmitters and hormones drive your animal’s choice.

Holistic and fully individualised

Your animal has a unique individual genetic make-up, temperament and set of life experiences.  The beauty of this approach is that it is ‘individualised medicine’ not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Whether his or her body, mind or soul is seeking a specific vitamin, mineral, enzyme, or bio-active compound, their nose knows how to seek it out, and just how much of it they need.

Botanical Self-Healing for Animals is a very safe therapy when practiced correctly.  This important safety information page flags up the importance of sticking accurately to the process.

Your animal, at their very best

If you’re feeling frustrated about how to help your animal, or how to understand what he or she needs from you, you’re in just the right place.

The process can bring you the empowerment, relief and satisfaction of seeing your animal regain health, vitality and happiness.

Start your animal’s self-healing

To start hearing your animal’s voice, and seeing him or her blossom in response, just get in touch to book a home consultation.

Or, visit our shop and enjoy discovering and exploring our plant-based remedies with your animal.