Frequently Asked Questions

How does this therapy work?

Click here to read more about the beauty of Botanical self-healing.

How do I use the remedies?

If you have a home consultation with Rachel, she will talk you through everything you need to know.  If you have the fun of ordering remedies online to explore with your animal, click here for information on how to use the remedies.

 Can I put the remedies in my animal’s food?

No, the animal should always have completely free choice.  Remedies should be offered, not administered.

 Won’t my animal just gobble up everything because they’re greedy or hungry?

I get asked this question a lot!  The answer is ‘no.’  The simple reason is, it’s not food, it’s medicine.

If my animal consumes too much of a remedy, will it upset their tummy?

Your animal knows the medicinal quantity that he or she needs.

It’s worth saying that in dogs, this can mean that they consume lots initially, and subsequent vomiting or runny poo is not unheard of.  Any purging of this type should be a temporary phase of the process, and not usually a cause for concern, if the animal remains otherwise healthy.

Can my friend give his dog the same remedy that my dog chose for the same condition?

No.  ‘One man’s medicine is another man’s poison’.   The combination of remedies your animal selects will probably be unique to them.

For example one anxious dog, when given a free choice, might select hops essential oil while another anxious dog would prefer valerian essential oil.  One might choose to inhale while the other asks for it to be applied topically.

Like you, your animal has a unique genetic make-up, temperament and set of life experiences, and these will influence his or her choices.

Are there any risks to my animal?

This is a very safe therapy when practiced correctly, and when the animal is allowed choice at all times.

Always make sure to follow the process carefully, and never forget the important safety information here.

Does my vet need to refer me for this therapy?

Because nothing is prescribed to the animal, a veterinary referral is not required.  But we definitely encourage you to tell your vet all about it, and about the results that you and your animal have experienced, to help spread awareness of this wonderful process.

And of course don’t forget that Botanical Therapy is not a substitute for veterinary care, so always seek your vet’s help for any symptoms in your animal that you are concerned about.

Is there anything special I need to do to prepare for my home consultation?

Nothing at all.