Workshops and Talks

“I do really believe all animals and owners should know about and experience your work. It’s wonderful, emotional and beautiful to witness.”

Daisy, mum of Bella

“You were absolutely fantastic!!  So clear, articulate, passionate and informative!  Such a pleasure to meet you.  Very inspiring.”

Anna, Animal Energy World Conference


“At my workshops and talks you will see the beauty and joy of animal self-healing unfold in front of you.

You will see and hear about Botanical self-healing for animals (aka Zoopharmacognosy), how it works, and how it can benefit you and your animal.

You will start to learn how you can safely apply this with your own animal, to create successful healing sessions in your own home.”

Rachel Windsor-Knott

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Botanical Self-Healing  – an introductory workshop

At this practical one day workshop , the animals lead us through their process of selecting precisely the remedies their bodies are looking for.

You will see and learn the techniques for creating a supportive environment for this beautiful exploration of animal choice and healing.

You will see how to recognise what each individual is saying, and start to understand how you can take this process home to enjoy with your own animals.

People tell me that these workshops are moving, touching, inspiring, funny, fascinating, emotional and beautiful – and I completely agree!

These events are extremely popular, so do book early to avoid disappointment.

Book now for Canine Botanical Self-Healing in Bristol, Sunday 29th October 2017

What your animal is trying to tell you – a talk on the innate medical wisdom of our animals

Do you run a group which includes animal lovers, people who work with animals, or just the intellectually curious?  Are looking for a passionate and compelling speaker?

I believe in keeping my talks fresh and interesting and speaking from the heart!

I tell the stories of the animals who have crossed my path. Those that inspired me to share how to optimise the wellness of your animal through self-medication on botanical medicine.

I explain the what, the how, the why of this beautiful exploration of animal self-medication – and the benefits for people, their animals, and their relationships together.

I have spoken at venues as diverse as The Blue Cross Animal Charity, The Animal Energy World Conference, and the Women’s Institute Oxfordshire.  I’ve seen people’s eyes light up in all of them, as I described the joy of seeing an animal make clear what it has been trying to tell us.

Have I piqued your curiosity?

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Our workshops and talks will give you an introduction to the principles of Botanical Self-Healing for Animals (aka Zoopharmacognosy).  They do not give a qualification to practice on other people’s animals.

To find out more about this wonderful process, just get in touch.