Are you ready to embark on a voyage of discovery with your animal?  Ready to hear what they want to tell you, and let them start their self-healing?

Rachel will be thrilled to work with you and your animal, using the lovely process known as Botanical Self-Healing.  She’ll  help you identify which botanical remedies they are asking for and how to observe and understand their responses  You can start tackling any physical, emotional and behavioural challenges.

She’ll coach you in skills and knowledge which will stay with you for life  She’ll enable you to take back ownership of helping your animal, in a way that will also benefit any other animals that come into your life

What happens in a private consultation?

Rachel will bring a range of botanicals including essential oils, herbs, clays and oils.  Gently offering these to your animal, she will observe their behavioural responses.

She will highlight to you how they are indicating which remedy they want, and how they want it, so that you become well equipped to read your own animal.

See your animal relish being heard

Once your animal knows he or she is being listened to, very often their communication completely opens up and they become much clearer in telling you what they need.

So, a brilliant side-effect of this process is often a more communicative animal and a closer relationship between you and your animal.

Watch here to see how a dog communicates so openly with her guardian during a session. She guides her owner on  what she needs, and HOW she needs it.

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This can take place in your own home (depending on location) or you may wish to come to Rachel’s clinic space in West Oxfordshire.

Skype consultation

Rachel offers Skype consultations where she will guide you through the process of Botanical Self-Healing with your own dog or cat. Based on the information provided via a questionnaire, Rachel will recommend a small selection of remedies prior to the session. The Skype session gives you the chance to learn how to offer the remedies and read your animal’s responses.

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Happy animals, happy people

“You have helped me to understand their needs and their signals and I feel like a much better ‘owner.’”

“You dealt with their problems in such a kind and compassionate manner but also with such a calm and practical approach. The results have been astounding.”

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Price, duration, location

1-2-1 Consultations in person. Rachel covers Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas.  Her fee is £95 for dogs and horses and £75 for cats.

You have the option of a home consultation (depending on the distance) or if it’s a canine consultation, you can come to Rachel’s private clinic space which is located in a peaceful location in Hartsop Farm equestrian centre.

Private consultation

Private consultation

Your animal will lead the session at all times, and an average session will last 2 hours.

Skype consultation fee is £75.

Start your animal’s self-healing

For the joy of seeing your animal tell you exactly what they need to feel miles better, just get in touch to book your consultation.