Great animal health

Do you like to look after your health?  As well as treating any illness?

“To administer medicine once disease begins, is like digging a well once one is thirsty.”

Chinese medical text, 500BC

Our awareness of how to maintain good health and how to reduce our chances of getting ill in the first place, is clearly nothing new.  It applies to our animals just as much as to ourselves.

Animal self-healing

Is there a particular plant that your dog loves to chew when they get the chance?  He or she is displaying the timeless wisdom that all animals have about what will soothe their bodies and minds.

Because our companion animals are not as free to roam as their wild cousins, they cannot select from as wide a range of healthful plants and substances.

So offering a selection of botanical remedies, will give your animal the chance to self-select just the nutrients they need.

And having his or her needs heard in this way, can be a powerful experience, for them and for you.

You may be amazed by the results!

Happy animals, happy people

“Both dogs look better and obviously feel better, their coats are shiny and their noses wet and cold.”

“Poppy is by nature a very nervous dog, but within a few minutes of being offered various oils, she relaxes completely and quite often falls asleep but then wakes up full of energy.”

“Gradually, this has led to big changes in Bessie’s well-being and behaviour. We are both of us happier, calmer and more trusting.”

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A vibrant, blooming animal

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