Life can happen and not always in the way we imagine for our dogs. So it’s good to have the tools to hand to support our dogs to promote healing.

Spider is a gorgeous Whippet whose guardian does everything in her power to give her a happy, varied, relaxing and wonderful life.

As much as we would love our dogs to go through life with no challenges, unless you wrap them in bubblewrap and keep them at home, that’s a near impossibility.

A dog bite

Spider was bitten by another dog. It was quick and unexpected, as often these incidents are. She was taken to the vets immediately who sedated her and stitched her up beautifully.

If you have ever had the misfortune of being bitten by a dog, you will know that it’s extremely painful. Understandably Spider has been a little on edge since the incident and a little less comfortable than normal as the wound heals.

Thankfully Spider’s mum is well versed in the art of listening and already has a natural first aid kit to hand. Already selecting Arnica and comfrey macerate on a daily basis, Sarah offered Yarrow essential oil which is often selected by animals in pain, with inflammation or wounds.

The qualities of Yarrow

Yarrow’s botanical name is Achillea millefolium.  Achilles, the great Greek warrior used this herb during battles to treat soldiers’ battle wounds, hence the first word ‘Achillea’. Yarrow stems the flow of blood and it’s known for it’s anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and cooling properties. It’s a beautiful deep blue colour which is due to the high Chamuzalene content.

“How do you offer Yarrow to a dog” I hear you ask?

Well, as you know, dogs, like all animals, have an innate ability to detect the medicinal compounds within plants. So offering an essential oil, means they can inhale the molecules and innately know whether they need it to promote their own healing.

When offered the Yarrow, Spider sniffed and inhaled the aromatic molecules and then pointed to her wound on her hip with her nose!

Sometimes animals will point to an area on their body if they wish for something to be applied topically.

So the bottle was moved towards the wound, checking in with Spider to make sure she wanted it applied by observing her body language first. As she remained relaxed, breathing deeply and her eyes softened, we dropped the yarrow essential oil onto the wound.

The amazing thing is, it will drink into the skin where it is needed and will sit on the surface where it is not.

Allowing Spider to guide her own healing

Yarrow can help release the energy around the scar of the physical and emotional trauma. Spider did a lovely release of tension after it was applied by shaking off and rubbing her body along the sofa before falling into a lovely sleep.

Offering the yarrow to Spider daily means that she can guide her own healing. Some days she may simply choose to inhale it, other days she may wish for topical application. Her choice.

I’d love to be a ‘spider’ on the wall (‘scuse the pun) when Sarah explains to the vet why her stitches are a lovely dark blue colour!

Be prepared with a natural first aid kit.

We cannot always control what happens to our dogs, but we can be prepared to support their healing by offering them a small selection of Botanicals to promote and speed up the healing process. Both emotional and physical healing.

So we have created a Natural First Aid Kit which contains the most commonly selected remedies by animals who have been injured, experienced a shock or with wounds. It comes with a guide on how to offer the remedies.

Click here to get yours now.

Or if you would just like to add a bottle of our beautiful Yarrow essential oil to your first aid kit, click here.

Thank-you to Sarah and Spider for sharing your story for others to benefit from.

Happy healing!

Note, this is NOT a substitute for vet medicine.

About Rachel

Rachel Windsor-Knott, owner of My Animal Matters Ltd,  is an Animal Wellness Practitioner, specialising in Botanical Self-healing and a Dog Behaviour Therapist.

Her goal is for the beautiful process of Botanical Self-Healing to become a natural part of sharing your life with your animals.