Dogs and fireworks aren’t usually a great combination. Many dogs find the firework season very stressful. As so do their guardians.

So we have created a Firework Season Support Kit which you can offer your dog before, during and after the fireworks to help your dog cope.

Click here to buy yours  and watch our latest clip to help support your own dog.


About Rachel

Rachel Windsor-Knott’s goal is for the beautiful process of Botanical self-healing to become a natural part of sharing your life with your animal.  She is an Animal Wellness Facilitator specialising in Botanical self-healing for animals (aka Zoopharmacognsoy), a Dog Behaviour Therapist and a Canine Communication Coach.  She runs regular workshops, speaks at events and offers consultations in person and by Skype.  Her online shop has natural remedies and starter packs for your animal.