Meet Sooty.

Sooty is a 16 year old indoor cat who is being fostered by a lady caring for 2 other foster cats.

However, Sooty doesn’t particularly like the company of other cats and had been struggling with their presence.
So Sooty’s mum bought a Happy Cat Indoor Herb Garden for her. Happy days!
Since offering the selection of dried herbs, Sooty has become so much more relaxed and calm around the others cats.
In fact she has even become a little playful!

A natural way to help your cat relax

Cats love to roll in certain plants to release the aromas or to eat particular types of grasses to soothe their digestive tract. All cats, both wild and domesticated, have an innate ability to sense the medicinal compounds within each plant. This is called Zoopharmacognosy

Some plants have anti-bacterial qualities, some anti-inflammatory, some stimulating, soothing, calming or up-lifting.

Cats know exactly what it is they need, so will chose to either inhale, ingest or roll in these plants.

Providing your cat with a natural indoor herb garden can have a positive effect on how they FEEL and therefore how they BEHAVE.

Our herb garden contains 5 of the most popular dried herbs and flowers for cats.

Valerian root 

Rose buds

Chamomile flowers

Marigold flowers

Catnip herb

By placing a handful of each of these herbs on mat in a quiet area, you cat is able to go and help themselves to feel good whenever they need to.

How may it help my cat?

It can help them feel:


more balanced




and affectionate.

relaxed cat herb garden

Cat relaxing after rolling in herb garden

Stress is at the root of most behaviour and health problems

Whether your cat is an indoor cat or enjoys the freedom of the great outdoors, your cat will experience stress.

Stress is a normal part of life. Yet in excess, it can lead to both health and behaviour problems.

Excess stress can impact on the well-being of both you and your cat.

What is stressing out my cat?

Cats are individuals. So what one cat find stressful, won’t faze another cat.

Here are some of events/experiences that can disrupt a cat’s sense of peace:

sharing a home with another cat

young children

our work/life stresses (yes they absorb our emotions and dramas too!)

loud sudden bangs

change in home


a new cat in the area

a new pet in the home

chemicals used for cleaning

not enough personal space

ill health


past traumas


thunder and lightning

The list is endless.

Give your cat the gift of relaxation

It can take several days for the stress hormones to go back to their normal levels in the body.

Giving your cat the opportunity to calm themselves with an indoor herb garden during or after a stressful event could greatly reduce their stress levels.

Simply click  ‘Happy Cat Indoor Herb Garden’  to get yours today.

About Rachel

Rachel Windsor-Knott’s goal is for the beautiful process of animal self-medication to become a natural part of sharing your life with your animal.  She is a qualified practitioner in Applied Zoopharmacognosy, a Dog Behaviour Therapist and a Canine Communication Coach.  She runs regular workshops, speaks at events and offers consultations in person and by Skype.  Her online shop has natural remedies and starter packs for your animal.

Click here to explore the on-line shop and new starter kits.

Rose Buds My Animal Matters

Rose Buds My Animal Matters

Catnip herb my Animal Matters

Catnip herb my Animal Matters

Valerian Root Herb My Animal Matters

Valerian Root Herb My Animal Matters

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Chamomile Flowers My Animal Matters