An end to car sickness

 “Rachel was great with my young collie that had a severe travel sickness and a phobia of cars. She really took the time to get to know her and work at my dog’s pace. She showed me how to use the things my dog chose to help her overcome her awful fear.

I carried on using the techniques she showed me and now I have a non-car sick dog that jumps in the car of her own free will!”

Claire, mum of Myrtle, a car sick collie

More life and energy

“Our dog Astra has noticeably more life and energy in her since her session with Rachel. Who would have thought an issue that seemed to be emotional would turn out to be mainly physical? It was an interesting experience to see Astra select so decisively and all by herself the remedies that she felt were right for her.

I wholly recommend Rachel and the wonderful work she does. As an animal lover, you owe it to your four-legged friend to give them the opportunity to express their inner wisdom..”

Bart, guardian to Astra

He’s now become affectionate

“After having had such great success with our dogs, when our 15 year old horse Bob, whom we’ve had since the age of 3, received traumatic injuries in a transport accident, we didn’t hesitate to ask for Rachel’s help.

The way Bob responded to Rachel and everything she offered him was something great to be a part of. It was like watching the unlocking of Bob as he processed through both the emotional and physical side of the trauma he’d been through.

Consequently, his wounds have made such wonderful progress, that they have all but disappeared and he’s now able to live out with other horses again. We may even be able to contemplate trying a saddle back on him in the not too distant future, which we had thought wouldn’t be possible for several more months due to the positions of his injuries.

In an emotional sense too, it has really deepened the bond between Bob and I. He seems to have opened up to me, as though he knows I’m ready to listen to him now and he now feels able to tell me what he needs. We had always classed Bob as an unaffectionate horse whose thoughts only revolved around food but he’s now become affectionate, which is really wonderful as he will trot up to me in the field and will rest his head on me while I stroke him.

I would most definitely recommend Rachel and Botanical Self-Healing.”

Claire, mum of Bob, a horse who went through a traumatic injury

Full of energy

“Rachel has treated Poppy, our Springer Spaniel, on 2 occasions, using natural medicine, The results each time have been quite amazing.

She is by nature a very nervous dog, but within a few minutes of being offered various oils, she relaxes completely and quite often falls asleep but then wakes up full of energy.

Rachel has a very calm and confident demeanour which engenders a high degree of trust in her dog patients and we would have no hesitation in recommending her to any prospective client.”

Barbara, mum of Poppy, a nervous Springer spaniel

The results have been astounding

“Henry was in rescue for 3 years and was slightly “dog phobic” which was difficult as we needed to introduce another needy rescue dog, Mr Bumble into our home. Mr Bumble was quite frankly a mess. Stressed and terrified of everything.

You dealt with their problems in such a kind and compassionate manner but also with such a calm and practical approach. The results have been astounding.

From a health point of view both dogs look better and obviously feel better, their coats are shiny and their noses wet and cold. I was always worried that Henry was very dry in both his coat and nose but now he is so much better. His coat has never been so soft.

Mr Bumble now has a healthy appetite which was lacking before. When Mr Bumble suffered an allergic reaction which brought him out in terrible hives all over his body, you treated him quickly and totally successfully and he has not suffered a reoccurrence since.

The behavioural changes you have suggested with regards to Henry have made a massive difference and he has become much calmer and more relaxed in general.

You have helped me to understand their needs and their signals and I feel like a much better ‘owner.’”

Dad of Henry & Mr Bumble, two rescue staffies

A calmer, more trusting terrier

“I’ve learnt from Rachel that so much of my dog Bessie’s behaviour is bound up in my own attitudes and perceptions. Rachel has gently and kindly helped me to gain a deeper understanding of Bessie and to make small adjustments in my life and hers. Gradually, this has led to big changes in Bessie’s well-being and behaviour. We are both of us happier, calmer and more trusting.

I’ve been so inspired by Rachel’s observational and analytical approach to problems, she works with two complementary established techniques evolved from years of practice and observation much of which can now be explained by new research in neuroscience. However the core of what she teaches is fundamental, be aware of how your dog communicates and observe what they’re saying.”

Anne, mum of Bessie, a Welsh terrier

Zip a dee do dah!

“I met Rachel for the first time on Friday when she visited me and my 16 month old staffie cross, Freddie. From the moment Rachel came into the house all was calm, including the normally excitable Fred! The session went extremely well from both mine and Freddie’s point of view. I watched Rachel offer Fred numerous oils and powders and how he reacted to these. It was indeed fascinating.

This morning I began my journey with Fred, trying to help him become a calmer and more balanced dog. In fact, helping myself become calmer and more able to understand his needs. I thought I would try to offer him some green clay powder for his paws as they are sore and red from his constant licking. I tipped a little into the palm of my hand and approached him.

He sniffed at it and then to my utter amazement he put his paw right into my hand. This is a dog who is scared and nervous of anyone touching his feet and there he was with his paw in my hands. He let me rub the clay between his toes. I went back to get more clay and he did it a second time. On the outside I remained calm but in my head I was screaming zip a dee do dah! Thank you Rachel Windsor-Knott, you are amazing!”

Tina, mum of Freddy, a nervous rescue staffie

Restored his trust in humans

“Thanks to Rachel, her knowledge and natural remedies, I felt I regained Jojo’s health and his happiness was restored. It also restored our closeness and his trust in humans.”

Laonie, mum of Jojo, a shy cat

Wow!  The difference was noticeable immediately

“What can I say about Zoopharmacognosy apart from WOW!  I came to one of Rachels workshops for dogs and have had my eyes opened and been inspired. Off the back of the workshop I asked Rachel to come to see my 2 year old Bulldog, Ron, who has been suffering with allergies for about 7 months.

Rachel spent 3 hours with Ron, who gave her clear indications as to what he needed and Rachel listened intently. The difference in my dog was noticeable immediately and he continues to improve day by day.

As for Rachel, she has such a lovely calm way about her. My dog took to her immediately but in a calm way, which is the polar opposite of his usual practice, something he seemed to pick up on from her. He was quite sorry to see her leave. I thoroughly recommend Rachel and the work she does. Awe Inspiring!!!!!“

Mum of Ron, a bulldog with allergies

She wags her tail and instantly settles down

“Our Labrador had started to get anxious in our home and was barking at friends and family when they came into the house. We booked a session with Rachel who came over and showed us the wonderful world of self-medicating.

Our dog selected the oils she liked and was instantly calmer. We now take her chosen oil everywhere we go and if she gets stressed or nervous, we let her have a sniff of her oil, she wags her tail and instantly settles down. Thank you Rachel, what you do is truly amazing!”

Mum of a reactive Labrador

Like night and day

“Wow, the change in my Minnie cat has been quite something.  18 months on from her tough start found living in a garden shed, she was still a basket case of anxiety, and mostly pretty miserable and unfriendly.

Since your visit, it has been like night and day.  For the first time it seems like she’s actually enjoying her life.  And while she’s still not a lap cat, it’s clear that she actually quite likes me now.

And it’s so funny to watch each evening when I dole out her herbs – she pounces on them, claws akimbo, and munches them all up, purring like a steam train.”

Jessica, mum of a miserable cat

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