Introducing a cat to a dog or another cat in your home should be managed carefully.

Time, patience and natural remedies go a long way to enable a successful introduction.

Feeling safe and secure is their priority.

A cat or dog who doesn’t feel safe in their environment or trust those around them as they aren’t paying attention to keeping them safe, can lead to both behaviour and health problems

A new cat doesn’t get to choose and the current pets in the home also don’t get to choose. So as their guardians, it’s our responsibility to make the transition as smooth and as stress free as possible.

Introducing a new pet through scent

Anoushka is an 11 month old cat who was handed into the vets as her owner could no longer keep her.  She is going to be coming to live with us and our 3 dogs and cat.

So we introduced her to our family.

Cats and dogs learn about the world through scent. It’s their primary sense.
It’s kind of like having a look through their Facebook profile and newsfeed.

She’s quite a nervous girl so it’s interesting to see her reaction just having ‘met’ them through scent

The blanket in this clip has been wiped around the main scent glands of our dogs and cat. The muzzle, feet and anus area.

The before

Click here to watch this first clip showing her reaction to their scent.

As she showed a level of anxiety, I then introduced 2 natural remedies often selected by cats who are a little anxious.

Catnip herb and Frankincense water.

You’ve probably seen a million videos of cats going nuts on catnip on youtube or are used to giving catnip toys.

Well actually catnip can work in different ways on the cat depending on what’s needed and how they select it.

Catnip can have a sedative effect if they choose to eat it and it can also support heathy digestion.

It can also have a euphoric effect if the cat chooses to inhale or roll in it.

Either way, it can help a cat feel better about a given situation. From vet visits, to visitors in the home to changes in the home.

Frankincense water is also often selected by animals who are anxious or fearful. It can be inhaled, sniffed or drank.

The After

Click here to watch how the natural remedies help Anoushka feel differently about the scent of our animals.

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If you are introducing a new animal to your home, you might like to help your cat cope with this change by buying them a Indoor cat herb garden or having a 1-2-1 consultation

About Rachel

Rachel Windsor-Knott’s goal is for the beautiful process of Botanical self-healing to become a natural part of sharing your life with your animal.  She is an Animal Wellness Facilitator specialising in Botanical self-healing for animals (aka Zoopharmacognsoy), a Dog Behaviour Therapist and a Canine Communication Coach. She runs regular workshops, speaks at events and offers consultations in person and by Skype.  Her online shop has natural remedies and starter packs for your animal.

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