One of my greatest passions is to give our animals the opportunity to make choices and to influence their own emotional and physical wellness.

Botanical Self-Healing does just that. By harnessing their innate ability to detect the therapeutic medicinal compounds in plants, offering them a range of botanicals empowers them to heal themselves and to promote wellness.

Many of the remedies have the ability to calm the nervous system, reduce inflammation, slow the breathe, fight infection, promote healing, upflift spirits,  boost the immune system and aid the release of emotions.

One of the greatest challenges for rescues is stress and anxiety.

Mix was described to be a ‘very friendly’ cat which indeed he is. Yet the word ‘very’ indicates an excess. An imbalance. Often animals that are ‘very’ something are out of balance emotionally and have anxiety, lack confidence or feel insecure.

So watching Mix go from being very animated and super friendly with me, to engaging completely with the remedies was wonderful to observe.

Creating a space where they are entirely free to choose and respond as they feel can greatly boost their wellness.

Giving them the best chance at coping in the rescue environment and then transitioning into their new home.

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I’d like to invite you to watch this video and observe his responses throughout. Enjoy 🙂 x

About Rachel

Rachel Windsor-Knott, owner of My Animal Matters Ltd,  is an Animal Wellness Practitioner, specialising in Botanical Self-healing and a Dog Behaviour Therapist. She offers private consultations, workshops and talks

She also has an on-line shop where you can buy the beautiful therapeutic grade remedies for your own animals. Either as individual products or starter kits.

Her goal is for the beautiful process of Botanical Self-Healing to become a natural part of sharing your life with your animals.