One of the main qualities of Yarrow essential oil is it’s ability to promote the bodies’ natural ability to heal wounds. It’s well known for it’s beautiful medicinal and healing properties. Now I don’t just mean physical wounds to the flesh,  I mean the emotional wounds that often occur after a shock or an accident.

The first time I truly encountered the power of Yarrow essential oil was when I met Bob, the Cob.

Bob had an uncharacteristic panic in his horse box, and being cut free by the Fire Brigade, he had deep flesh wounds on his chest and down his legs.

We worked for over two hours in his stable with just essential oils which release emotional trauma. The main one being Yarrow essential oil and Rose Otto essential oil.

The following day, I offered him jasmine essential oil (deeply nurturing) and the yarrow essential oil together. We were amazed to witness tears come down Bob’s cheeks!  I’d never witnessed such raw emotion from a horse!! We all felt deeply moved that he had finally felt able to release his emotions and trauma, in our presence with our support.

Bob also indicated that he would like the yarrow essential oil applied topically to the wounds. He did this by pointing at the wounds and standing still while we applied it, closely watching his body language for his signals.

Afterwards I was so thrilled to hear that not only were the wounds healing miraculously quickly, and his coat was starting to shine for the first time, but best of all was the change in his demeanour.

Bob no longer just walked away when he was taken down to the field, he was now choosing to spend time and share affectionate moments with his owner – no carrot bribe needed.

Why might an animal select yarrow essential oil?

Yarrow is commonly selected by animals who have experienced a shock or some level or trauma.

But it is also selected by animals with:

urinary problems


hormonal disturbances

digestive problems



skin problems

When offering Yarrow essential oil, we cannot definitively say WHY they are selected the oil. It’s simply a matter of observing the responses they give whilst inhaling the oil. As well as observing any differences in their body and their behaviour.

It’s worth noting that if an animal is feeling frustrated or angry, yarrow essential oil can trigger release of these emotions so it’s always extremely important to work safely with behaviour.

What’s in a name?

The latin name Achilles millefolium makes reference to 2 things:

  1. Achilles

This is believed to come from the famous Greek hero, Achilles, who used it during the Trojan war to help heal his own wounds and those of his army.

2. Millefolium

Meaning ‘a thousand leaves’, which refers to the feathery effect of the foliage.

A gentler alternative

Yarrow aromatic water carries a similar energy of the essential oil and is selected for the same ‘problems’. It’s a wonderful remedy to work with animals who are sensitive and might find the essential oil a little too potent. It is often selected for inhalation, ingestion or topical application.

“You want me to put it where?”

Watch a beloved bow-wow show her guardian what she thinks of Yarrow essential oil in this short video. Click here

Where can I source it?

The Yarrow essential oil we source is grown here in the UK and is HIGHLY sought after due to it’s quality. The yarrow water is sourced from an organic distillery in France.

Click here to purchase Yarrow essential oil and HERE for Yarrow water


Rachel and the furry gang.

NB offer for self-selection only and this is not a substitute for veterinary care.

About Rachel

Rachel Windsor-Knott, owner of My Animal Matters Ltd,  is an Animal Wellness Practitioner, specialising in Botanical Self-healing, reiki and is a Dog Behaviour Therapist. She offers private consultations, workshops and talks and an accredited Practitioner Programme for those wishing to add Botanical Self-Healing to their tool kit.

She also has an on-line shop where you can buy the beautiful therapeutic grade remedies for your own animals. Either as individual products or starter kits.

Her goal is for the beautiful process of Botanical Self-Healing to become a natural part of sharing your life with your animals.